Root Canal

Root canal procedure is the one and only tooth saving procedure, which when done perfectly and precisely can restore the functional efficiency of your tooth back to the normal!!!There are basically three layers of a healthy normal tooth:

Enamel: this is the outermost protective layer of the tooth which is visible.

Dentin: this is the second layer of tooth which is soft when compared to enamel and sensitive also. 

Pulp: this is the innermost layer of a tooth. It's the vital part of tooth through which tooth gets its blood and nerve supply. 

How is the procedure done?

Root canal is done in three steps:

First of all the pulp cavity is opened and all the canals are located (every tooth has different no of canals).

Next the canals are cleaned thoroughly with the aid of special root canal instruments known as reamers and files and various irrigating solutions.

After cleaning, the canals are given a proper shape for the root canal filling Lastly the prepared canals are sealed with gutta percha material and a sealer.

At various steps of the root canals radiographs are taken so that the root canal filling is done precisely and to the point. 

Is the procedure very painful??

The procedure of root canal has to be done under the effect of local anesthesia and therefore it's not at all painful!!! 

How many sittings are normally required for the root canal??

In about 60% of cases, single sitting root canals are done at our clinic. Some cases where the tooth is highly infected or patient has come with a swelling, the number of sittings increases. 

Is it necessary to cap the tooth after the root canal is done??

It is mandatory to get the crown or cap done once root canal is completed. The reason for this compulsion is that the tooth becomes brittle after the root canal and if not protected by a cap can fracture anytime…..thus to safeguard your tooth crown or cap is necessary. 

Will I be able to chew normally after root canal and cap are done??

Yes for sure, you can chew normally once the procedure is completed.

It requires little bit of maintenance like proper cleaning and a yearly visit to your dentist!!!